25 February 2004


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Updated to Blog:

Okay I’ll be honest. The reason I was always so PROMPT and updating my blog twice a week was because it was for a class (extra-credit). Yay! Well, I got my A and forgot abt my blog. But I learned that you all (my fans!) were asking for the address, and asking why hadn’t I updated it? I’m a busy, busy woman! But, to appease my audiences, I’ll try to update my blog every so often!

What’s been going on in recent times:

Work: it’s the same except the radio station my boss listen to tends to play billy joel songs every day. I try to hold my bladder until then, so I have a good excuse to leave the library.

School: okay I’ll stop saying I HATE LIBRARY SCHOOL. but I won’t start loving it. My Readers’ Advisory class means we read genre fiction and talk about how to recommend fiction to others. I just read a Louis L’Amour. Yuck. My other class, Fundamentals of Library & Information Science is as exciting as it sounds. I try to stay awake during class.

Parenthood: Trevor, the absent father, insists that I am NOT a single mother. Luna is not your typical cat or dog. She is somewhere between cat and dog and person. She (unlike certain obese shitzus that we know) does not eat table scraps and is long with a small head. She’s been depressed lately due to me working. I wish I could quit my job to spend more time with my kitty but as we all know, vet bills are expensive. Plus Luna likes to ignore me when I’m home sometimes, that or harass me with meows and rubs when I’m extremely busy. Still, I love my baby.

Family: my mother is still crazy and my father is still crazy and my sister is still crazy and my grandma ann is still crazy. my grandma betty and papa are bizarre, but not as crazy as everyone else. the ferrets are as dopey as usual (you know, my siblings, my crazy mother thinks). my daughter, luna, is doing fantastic. she really loves the cat dancer!

Activism: yup, I’m cheerleading again. I love wearing little short skirts and kicking my legs up high. hahah. for real, I am a radical cheerleading and have lots of fabulous tunes. interested in joining? even if you live elsewhere? google “radical cheerleaders” and see what comes up.

Writing: Did I mention I have no time??? I do it sometimes and am sending out “the real new york city” to agents. No bite so far. We’ll see…

*Trevor and I haven’t killed each other yet and we’re still claiming romance to be our middle name.
*I’ve been running and I’m really looking forward to a hot summer!
*Jessica and I are going to Miami for the Ultra music festival the first weekend in March—hope to see you there!
*Why is President Bush still in office? Has anyone figured this out? Let’s all hope he doesn’t stay long and that he doesn’t cause more damage…
*I haven’t had a lot of time lately and haven’t even had a chance to respond to any of the messages on my answering machine lately…I’m learning to function on minimum hours of sleep. I’m writing this at work. My cat doubles as a broom. Yup, I’m busy. Therefore, understand that I don’t have time that I’d like right now. August I’m all free and am hoping to travel (is that possible? I’ll probably end up hanging out on the fire escape with Luna…or on a terrace if I move someplace with a terrace).

Okay that’s all for now. Keep in touch friends, and I can always email you during lunch breaks or moments of procrastination. Know that I love you!