13 December 2015

Life is not a straight line...

Too often, we are told life is a straight line.

Go to school, study so you can get into a good college, go to college, study, get a job, get married, have a kid, retire, death.

I feel like the route I'm opting for is quite a bit off of that traditional route.

I've decided to take a career break. As much as I really liked the work I was doing, and the topic at my job, there wasn't any real kind of future for me there. I tried, and it just wasn't happening.

So, with tears in the back of my throat, I gave my notice. I am very sad to make this major change and to leave an environment I really do enjoy - but sometimes, to grow, you need to leave.

I'm heading to India on the 8th of January. I'll be traveling around, doing a yoga teacher training for a month in Goa, doing some meditation retreats, writing, relaxing. Wayne will meet me or a few weeks. I'm excited to learn about a new culture, recharge my batteries, study yoga, and write.

When I come back....I'm not sure what will happen. Perhaps I'll teach yoga. Perhaps I'll write full-time - freelance, or for a website. Perhaps I'll be a librarian.

Honestly - my ideal would be a combination of research/library work, writing, and teaching a yoga class. We'll see what I can manifest.

I was so scared to take any kind of plunge for a while - but here I am - GO, JUMP!!!