31 January 2009

my dad loves this song....i hope this guy saves me next time i almost drown while surfing

lovely (or lazy) saturdays

wake up early, but not too early. eat pbj on cinnamon raisin bagel. run. sofreakingcold. instead of 20 miles, do 12. come home and make buttermilk blueberry pancakes. straighten up. drink tea. eat banana bread. shower. chill. read cookbooks in bed while drinking riesling. now, t is making pasta in the kitchen (from scratch), i'm roasting red peppers in the oven, drinking more wine. we're eating olives, extra-sharp cheddar, macadamia nuts, snuggled in warm heat, feeling the good life. i was hoping to find cheap plane tickets to houston for rocky raccoon, but it's too much. i'm satisifed. tomorrow will be miriam's for brunch, followed by seeing milk, and then max brenner chocolatier-- all with my mom. superbowl? huh? yes, i'll be making soup, and it will be soup-er!

p.s. i love wine!

23 January 2009

i'm not afraid of colour

my closet door is totally messed up, and my landlord and i were on the phone, determining the details of when the handyperson could come over and fix it.

"his name is alex, and i have to warn you of something: cher, he's black."

i pause. and????

"i don't care--"

"no, it's just -- you might be afraid. but he's a very nice man."

"isaac, i'm not afraid! i'm not racist. i don't care what color his skin is--"

"it's just -- you live alone, a single woman. and-- sometimes--people get scared when they see him. and he's worked for me for years, for six years, and he's a good man, he's a very good--"

"as long as he fixes my closet, i don't care if he's purple."

20 January 2009

i cannot take this weather anymore

i know compared to some areas of the country (the midwest, buffalo), i have nothing to complain abt. but i'm so freaking sick of the sub-freezing temps, the snow, the ice. it's horrendous. i'm on the verge of crying, "let's just move to retirement central, t!" and live in my parents' retirement condo in florida. seriously, it's so freaking cold, it's depressing, i've eaten soup more times since i've been back that it's nearly every meal (with oatmeal for breakfast), and running in the snow and ice is so sad and cold. i want to experience WARMTH. if new york city didn't have winter, it would be the perfect place to live. seriously.

19 January 2009

doubling up

i doubled up my runs today. this morning i ran 70 minutes, and this evening, the lovely snowfall seemed to tease me into a run, so i headed out again to the streets. it was absolutely beautiful. the roads were a little slippery when i first headed out for my second run, so i ran back home and strapped on my yaktrax. the metal gripped the ice and i ran without fear happily for 80 minutes.

on my run today, i got some great feedback from strangers. i HATE being sexually harassed, but love positive feedback, like this:

"you look like you're dancing," an old woman told me this morning.

a thumbs up from some random person on my a.m. run

"now that's dedication!" some random guy on the street as i ran in a snowstorm

"you're still out here?!" the ups guy who i always say hi to, after he saw me at the finish of my run (he had seen me at the start)

winner of the 2009 darwin awards

on my beautiful run this morning (during which an old lady told me "you look like you're dancing" -- and i felt like it, sunny, snow-covered streets (but no ice), pretty lovely energy), i saw many people shoveling their sidewalks. i also saw a genius who must be a winner of the darwin awards who was HOSING THE SNOW AWAY FROM HIS SIDEWALK. um, moron, don't you realize that water equals ice?!?!?

16 January 2009

running is my true love

i'm in absolute love with rachel toor's new book, personal record: a love affair with running. here are a few of sections that really spoke to me:

How many times have I met a guy who offered nothing in terms of mate potential only to hear his PRs and think, My, you're rather attractive. I find out that someone who seemed stupid, old, and short can still run a 2:30 marathon? Come on over, big boy. You broke four minutes when you were in college? You're cute. Some will say you're only as good as your last race. I don't agree. I'll never run a 2:30 marathon or a 3:59 mile. I am attracted to people who can or did.

I love what Toor is saying here...I totally know what she's saying. But while I'm not necessarily evaluating potential mates, I'm impressed. Like when I met Dan...wow, a fast runner! Wooohooo, taking down 22 runners!

It's possible that Khalid Khannouchi, Don Kardong, and Ian Torrence are not attractive men. I wouldn't know. They look darned good to me. Last summer I met a guy I wouldn't have talked to in a bar. Then I found out he was trying to break 2:30 at the St. George Marathon. What first seemed like skeletal geekiness was transformed int, well, you know. Speed goggles.

Yes, fast times are impressive, and somehow, make the runner seem cooler.

In regards to a first ultra...
But, but, but, I said. I've never run that far. I don't know if I can do it. It's up a mountain and back down. It's the first year of the race--things always go wrong the first year. I could get lost. I often get lost. It's desolate and deserted up there. There are no previous times to try to gauge how long it will take. It could be wet. It could be cold. (I am always cold.) I will fall. (I always fall.) There might not be enough -- or the right kind of -- food at the aid stations. I haven't trained enough. I'm scared.

She has all my doubts.

The best way to get quick and easy calories during a race is to eat candy or cookies. Race organizers know this, and ultras all over the country often have aid-station buffets that are McDonald's -like in their uniformity--M&Ms, Chips Ahoy, Oreos, Fig Newtons, and gummy bears. No matter where you're race, you'll find these staples. Many races also have volunteers who will bake brownies or cookies.

My last ultra I ate four "Fun-Sized" Snickers bars, five gels, and lots of pretzels. For me, ultra food is gummy bears, pretzels, pretzels with peanut butter (my absolute favorite snack!), cakes, brownies, cookies. Yum!

This book is a must for an ultrarunner, runner, or anyone who wants a laugh and isn't sure what the allure is in running so far for so long. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

i want to be consumed by love...

i was watching the final episode of sex and the city today (and i must admit, tears did come to my eyes) where she is telling petrovsky what she wants in love -- to be consumed by it, to have it be something so impractical, something that is overwhelming, amazing...that's what i love in life, and i want, and i'm so glad i have it...

the latest song that sends me dancing, twirling, flying, spinning across my apt

dance to this mashup!

15 January 2009

who we are

We are not written for one instrument alone; I am not, neither are you.

--from Andre Aciman's Call Me By Your Name


this morning, i slept in a bit (woke up at 6:10 a.m.! ooh!) and ran 8 miles. i knew it was going to be cold, so i bundled up (warm pants, smart-wool socks, sneakers (duh), wicking sports bra, wicking tee, wicking long-sleeved tea, warm ems thicker long-sleeved, running fleece, gloves, mittens and face mask) and headed out. when i opened my front door, i was surprised that it was snowing! how beautiful!

the traction was fairly good, and i ran slowly and careful. my hamstring has still been a little sore, so i've been taking it easy. i skipped a speed workout this week, and will head to the gym after work to go on the elliptical as well (the elliptical doesn't seem to bother me for whatever reason) to get in some extra miles.

this morning, the streets were quiet and lovely. i headed to the small olive park, and just really enjoyed the fact that for once, there weren't five million barking dogs chasing me while their owners smoked and drank coffee and ignored their pooches. it was me, the squirrels and the snow. it was beautiful and lovely, and i really enjoy every chance to clear my head and become free and one with myself on a run.

10 January 2009

new year's resolutions: a funny video

snowstorm, run far

i ran the watchung 50k today on a snowy, cold day. this "50k" was three loops on trails on a reservation in new jersey. the first loop was slightly longer than all of the others, which were supposed to be 10 miles, but others wearing gps watches (p.s. my amazing parents got me a garmin 405 for xmas! i haven't even read the manual or figured it out, so i didn't wear mine, but yay mom and dad!) said it was longer -- some said it was 10.6 miles per regular loop, others said longer. either way, it definetly wasn't a true 50k....especially since i got lost three times (once each loop, each time in a different spot....typical cherie style).

the temperature was 25 for the start and finish, and the snow started before 9 a.m. it snowed on and off, and at some points, it was quite in-your-face. the last loop was the worst b/c the snow was covering the ground, including several dangerous icy patches, and i witnessed a lot of people falling. i fell twice, once on each knee, but not on ice. (that would make sense.)

the race was tough. it was tough in the way that ultras are tough mentally. i felt good the first loop, and for half of the second loop, i felt great. towards the end of the second loop, i started feeling a little lightheaded. i tried to eat more (my nutrition for this race included 5 gels, pretzels, and 4 fun-sized snickers bars...i never eat them, but they TOTALLY helped during my race!). part of the problem probably was in the fact that my straw to my nathan fuelvest totally froze and i had no water my first loop (over 11 miles!). this nice guy i was running with who was talking about wanting to qualify for the olympic trials in the marathon in 2012 gave me a little gatorade. dehydration really affects you.

my final loop was SO hard. my knee started really bothering me, and i felt defeated. i almost started crying on more than one occasion, and wanted to badly to quit. "maybe i'll downgrade to just the marathon today," i thought. i kept going.

i pushed myself. i ended up running with this super nice guy, hiroshi, chatting, exchanging life stories. that's why i love ultras -- there's SUCH a human connection that isn't always found in other areas of running.

i finished in over 7 hours, including getting lost three times. i was so relieved to finish. scott drove me to the train, and i hopped on a train back to nyc. i came home, ate amazing cardomom-flavored rice with cauliflower in tomato curry leftovers (that i made, yummers!), some hot cocoa with homemade whipped cream, and now am relaxing while cleaning my apt. i'm drinking some good gewurtraminer. it's been a long, tough day, and i'll be heading to bed soon as the snow gently falls outside my window, and my muscles will finally relax.

07 January 2009


Sexy Librarian Indeed

"Librarians are my sex symbols. Growing up, other kids had Charlie's Angels. I had my librarian."

--Author Sherman Alexie at the North Dakota University System 2008 Arts and Humanities Summit

04 January 2009

saying goodbye to buenos aires

i´m on my way out of here...i can´t believe how quickly the past few weeks have passed. i´ve explored the north of argentina in salta la linda, hiked and horseback rode and eaten lots of chocolate in bariloche, met amazing people and practiced my spanish and saw some amazing vortex-like spots (like the yoga summer solstice celebration and the waterfall) in el bolson, was wowed by the amazing iguazu waterfalls (oh my god. that is one of the best things in the world), chilled on the beach, surfed, ran and met incredible people in mar del plata, and shopped, explored, had tea and LOVED buenos aires. it was a real treat to do it all with one of my best friends, though part of it was alone, and was much-needed -- i did heaps of exploratory thinking and walking in salta, and have really figured some stuff out.

what have i figured out? i´ve figured out what is important to me-
  • running, but i don´t need to be obsessed with it
  • trev, luna, and my fam
  • i need to learn to be less stressed and overwhelmed and manage my time better in nyc
  • i want to see more places. time to start saving for a big RTW trip.
with my final hours, i´m going to meet a friend for tea, relax in the hostel, get my stuff together. i´ve loved it here, and while i´m sad to leave, i´m excited to go home (and eat good food!) and hoping to feel refreshed. i was clubbing until 6a.m., slept 2 hours, ran 1.5 hours, and shopped. i´ll sleep on the plane and wake up in a new country.