27 June 2009

Nicole Krauss Quote

Her kiss was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.

12 June 2009

a few photos of the south mtn 100k!

Look at how fast we're running!

ensure and iced oatmeal cookies (that's what in my hand): food of champion ultrarunners!

11 June 2009

alice hoffman quote from THE STORY GIRLS

love is what matters. real love. the kind that turns you inside out.

rules for life

conclusions at the age of thirty:

rule #3:
family comes first. family includes t.

rule #8:
always follow your heart.

rule #14:
don't let others tell you what to do.

rule #83:
commuter trains are made for crying.

rule #46:
there's not enough time to do things you don't want to do.

rule #38:
there's not enough space to be friends with bad people.

rule #9:
always go back to your roots. never stop writing.

rule #22:
retail therapy is probably more affordable than regular therapy, and at least you have something tangible at the end.

rule #77:
accept compliments.

rule #83:
let others take care of you, on occasion.

rule #122:
don't rely on anyone else to help you out.

rule #44:
chocolate is better than any anti-depressant.

rule #25:
make love not war.

rule #111:
see your friends solo. you are friends with your friends, not their partners.

rule #98:
believe in yourself, even if no one else does.

rule #167:
don't go where you're not 100% welcome.

rule #148:
kissing is the best thing in the world that's free.

rule #27:
when you're tired, rest. if not, exalt.

rule #94:
wear sexy, comfortable underwear, even if no one sees them but you.

rule #104:
you're never too old for hot fudge sundaes with dad.

rule #89: it's okay to cry, and dark sunglasses help avoid nosy questions.

reflections on 29

written on the metronorth train going to new haven on the last day of me being 29

this is it - 29. my last day of being 29. tomorrow i'll be 30 - i can't beleive it. my twenties have flown - but also been jam-packed. it's kenny's birthday today, but as he and i don't talk, the only day it is to me is: the last day of 29.

when i was in my twenties, i:

  • got a bachelor's degree
  • got an mfa
  • got an mls
  • wrote two novels (that are not yet published, but will be!)
  • ran lots of marathons, including a PR of 3:28 at boston
  • started running ultramarathons, including a bunch of 50ks, 3 50 milers, and 1 100k!
  • traveled around europe for nearly four months alone
  • also backpacked in brazil, costa rica & argentina
  • learnt to be self-sufficient and grown-up
  • got a great cat
  • experienced (and am experiencing) an amazing romance with t
  • went to burning man