11 June 2009

reflections on 29

written on the metronorth train going to new haven on the last day of me being 29

this is it - 29. my last day of being 29. tomorrow i'll be 30 - i can't beleive it. my twenties have flown - but also been jam-packed. it's kenny's birthday today, but as he and i don't talk, the only day it is to me is: the last day of 29.

when i was in my twenties, i:

  • got a bachelor's degree
  • got an mfa
  • got an mls
  • wrote two novels (that are not yet published, but will be!)
  • ran lots of marathons, including a PR of 3:28 at boston
  • started running ultramarathons, including a bunch of 50ks, 3 50 milers, and 1 100k!
  • traveled around europe for nearly four months alone
  • also backpacked in brazil, costa rica & argentina
  • learnt to be self-sufficient and grown-up
  • got a great cat
  • experienced (and am experiencing) an amazing romance with t
  • went to burning man

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Two novels?
I knew about one, but......
If I am good, will you share?