28 May 2004

i cleared out one of my closet. i think only drag queens have more clothes than i. for me to clean out my closet, it's a HUGE deal!

it's official: trevor and i are meant for greatness!

so...my life as a "single" will change. i'm kinda nervous. i'm busy, running around, barely seeing my friends, neglecting to call my crazy grandma. my laundry is piling up. i haven't written in weeks. hopefully venessa and i will become famous writers b/c then we can have fifty collected letters books. i write this girl a few times a week.

so what else is going on with me?

things at my job are VERY unstable. my boss is super cool, is going to try to give me a raise to help me pay for my insurance. rah! my job isn't perfect but it's really nice for now...i hate the financial district ugh. basically there are rumours "we" are being "bought" and this is why they don't want to increase their head count. which means if/when "we" are "bought" i may not have a job. so i've been looking....

i got called for an interview for a press liasion/digital archivist. hmmm not sure if i'm going to be okay for it. i hate interviewing. i'll have to lie to leave work early.

i'm going to san francisco this weekend to see mikey. it turns out he has to work for part of my trip (great....) but i'm psyched to go. i really love san francisco.

trevor is convinced there will be a terrorist attack during the RNC. while i'll be in a cheerleading skirt, shouting about social injustic. *sigh* i don't know what to do. weren't we warned/worried thanksgiving/new years/etc/etc..."we think something might happen"...color levels rising...yellow orange red whatever. i just want bush out of office.

thinking abt how all of us use the word "bush" in that sexual way a lot more than ever lately. we're all so funny in the activist world...

i've been cheering A LOT lately. i am the webmistress of our website (totally ghetto, i don't have the time or skills...) so check it out if you want to check us out, let me know.

what else...i'm running a race on my birthday in central park! i'm turning 25 can you believe it? i'll also be having a "girl drink" party, so if yr my friend, you know the deal.

luna just got a new collar. it's purple with "rhinestones." she's not impressed.


23 May 2004

how to avoid looking like a sweaty pig in the midst of summertime heatwaves

yes you look like a pig, sweating and wiping your brow with the bottom of your shirt. interested in looking a little less gross? well summertime means sweat but here's a few ways to look a little nicer.

1. deodorant plus antiperspirant. i have a little debate within myself because i am scared of aluminum (breast cancer and alzheimers may be somewhat caused by this) which is in most antiperspirants. trevor uses arm & hammer's manly man deodorant which is okay but i smell like him all day. by the end of the day i smell gross, so i won't be lifting up my arms. i also have the kiss my face deodorants which are okay...but again, towards the end of the day you won't be lifting your arms. use aluminum and get cancer or alzheimer's possibly (most people's choice) and not sweat or use something else and be stank. if you choose the latter option, be sure to carry around the deodorant and reapply in the midst of the day. now hug!

2. keep it all trim. a while ago, i decided i didn't need to shave my armpits. no i didnt but i soon discovered that the sweat hung around longer because it got caught in the hairs and i smelled more. yuck yuck! keeping body hair (including the hair on yr head for that matter, though who am i to talk) neat and trim will make you sweat less.

3. fans, and air conditioners.

4. sandals, open-toed shoes of all kinds, and light fabrics. i was running in shorts and a sports bra this morning and saw some dopey hipster with a knit cap and jeans on. it was only what 80, with 90% humidity? no wonder he's sweating...and probably smelling!

5. determine where it is you sweat. the small of your back? your forehead? behind your knees? i sweat within where my cleavage would be were my breasts big enough. i used to tuck a paper towel in between my breasts walking to work or the train. this way, the paper towel, not my shirt would absorb it. this may not work for all areas.

6. drink a lot! NO NOT ALCOHOL! i'm talking water, cold juice, icy smoothies. caffeine (what's in most sodas, coffee, and teas) actually dehydrates you! if you're going to drink caffeine, be sure to drink a lot of water too. gatorade is great.
ed tells me, "for every alcoholic drink you have, drink two glasses of water." if you are planning on getting hammered, when you come home, don't pass out into bed. get a LARGE bottle of water at a deli by the bar, and drink it on your way home. drink as much water as possible before going to bed, and leave a big glass or bottle of water next to your bed. tylenol is good to prevent hangovers.

7. furry friends, your fur on me makes me feel gross. luna, sorry. MEOW!

8. don't go running at high noon. tanning at the hottest part of the day may get you a terrific tan but will dehydrate you. please drink lots of water. you will sweat.

9. hey remember, sweating is your body's air conditioning! right on!

10. "air conditioned" clothes are acceptable provided your air conditioning is not in certain...er, locations.


17 May 2004

a few types and people in my library school
sad but true

1. middle aged moms. usually nice, sometimes annoying. the worst thing they ever do is talk about their children too much.

2. twentysomethings. that's me. we're either hip (me) or dorks. the middle aged moms look down on you, "oh you don't understand/know that. you're too young." whatever. it's their revenge for getting old. or something. now i hate proving myself that i'm smart even at 24 (25 next june 5!) but whatever, i'll be like, i miss those days, when i'm old.

3. middle aged men. they drive me crazy. they think they know it all and never shut up. they are SO annoying. like the jerk who harassed me after my presentation on censorship and wouldn't shut up b/c he's a boy scout leader and thinks we shouldn't have books on sex b/c he thinks his son should find out abt sex from him. yeah, if i was his son, i'm sure i'd prefer a book than him. but honey, it's not just you using the library: what about the people's whose parents won't tell them? freedom of information and access to information: the two fundamental beliefs that libraries are founded upon.

4. the paper eater.

5. the fussy nitpicky wannabe libraries who demand everything is JUST SO. AUGH!!!!

ME? i'm twentysomething but i'm a chatoic librarian. i support cats in all libraries!

14 May 2004

so i need to figure out my life

god, will this girl stop whining? yr probably wondering. nope. my mother raised me to whine. it's a yanek trait. just kidding. but seriously, i can't go on like this anymore.

my job:
it's OKAY but JUST okay. the pay is fairly good, most of my coworkers are very cool, and i really like my boss. im not too fond of the financial services industry, and i hate the financial district. not to mention im not getting BENEFITS YET! i am trying very hard to find a new job but no luck so far. why wont they just give me benefits???

how does anyone else get along in life?
for example, i set my alarm for 510am, i wake up at 610 or 620 (the former being if my mother calls me, the latter if i get up myself), scoop the litter box, change into running clothes. i wish i could run for 60 minutes but i usually only have 30-40, and that's pushing it. then i go to work (sometimes late which doesn't really matter), imitate "office space" for a few hours, email jessica and venessa. lunch i go to the library or wander around battery park or try to write. then i get out at 5pm (5:01 i'm already on the street, don't try to stop me), if i have class i have to walk to the e at wtc, which means i go to class and don't get home till 10pm, but if not, i go home. laundry, feed cat, clean house, make dinner, do homework, talk on the phone with trevor/family, it all seems pointless. i don't have time/energy to write: AND THAT'S THE ONE THING I LIVE FOR. of course i live for luna and trevor and all that other good stuff but writing, that's what keeps me going. and i'm barely going.

i'm already late for work so i'll end this now but any advice would be appreciated...

09 May 2004

i decided it's best for all of us to abstain from carbs.

wait, i didnt mean bread. i love bread. and cookies and pretzels and fruit and bagels.

i mean, carbs, and rice.

C Cheney
A Ashcroft
R Rumsfield
B Bush

No Carbs!
No Rice, No Condoleeza Rice!

influenced by a stranger in tompkins square park

04 May 2004



ever had a boring class? of course. a boring day at work with nothing to do but you need to look like you are doing something? a telephone conversation with a friend that sucks? a wedding that bores you?

here are some useful tips to liven up any boring moment. remember: be subtle and quiet, and every so often, lift your hand up to your face, gently touch your lips, nodding your head, “of course,” and repeat words that may be important.

1. discreetly create your grocery and to-do lists. while it may be difficult to recreate the missing items in your refrigerator, a quick call on your mobile phone to others in your house will surely help. just keep your voice down so you don’t draw any attention to yourself.

2. on the same paper as your notebook paper, write letters to friends, relatives, and politicians. consult with a pocket dictionary only when your teacher says a big word.

3. stay in shape. all these classes are going to give you “student stomach” and “secretary butt.” flex and stretch your legs, squeeze in and hold your stomach, and do butt clenching exercises. yeah! now you don’t need to go to the gym.
4. if you must drink alcoholic beverages during class, please keep the alcohol in a sealed thermos. straight up vodka is okay in a water bottle. be careful—if you spill it, others will smell it, and want some too.

5. doodle. draw pictures, write words, including any anger you may feel towards boring and annoying classmates performing their latest monologue.
6. put an e book on your pocket pc or tablet pc and pretend to take notes. you will be reading a wonderful book instead. try to pay attention every so often.

7. to ensure your professors will leave you alone, before or after class approach them, and say, “I’m going through some very hard times lately. I apologize if I’m not performing my fullest.” they will be sympathetic and look at you less.
skip it altogether.

8. if possible, give yourself an extensive manicure and pedicure.