27 September 2016

12 September 2016


Best burn ever.

This year...

  • 50k went awesome (except I pooped 4x during mine!) w a new male course record set and fastest naked runner ever!
  • Playa wedding to my love, Stedman. Will likely be more fun than our regular wedding (if we don't just run from our families and head to City Hall!)
  • Amazing art
  • BEST CAMP EVER - Pink Lightning totally rocked this year
  • Awesome beer mile spectating
  • Did I say amazing camp?
  • Fell even harder in love with Stedman
  • I love my yurt
  • Great vibe
  • Great music
  • Super fun duststorms

VERY Belated Pajama Run Race Report

Super delayed, but better late than never! 

Richie and the BUS crew moved the Pajama Run to Fort Totten Park in Queens...a way more inconvenient location, but there was a nice breeze, it was an interesting change, and there were raccoons (I am a bit scared of wildlife, so it made me run faster).

I began the race freaked out since apparently an email I had not fully read (I heart Richie, but his emails are like 10000 paragraphs long) said don't go topless. I had no shirt. Luckily I was fine w my sports bra and a mini-running skirt. We were basically running for 6 hours on what was the hottest and most humid day so far.

My legs still felt tired after VT100, and I ran well/crappy on and off. Some laps I was slower, others faster. 

I ran with good friends: Stephanie, Matt, Zandy, Karen, and others. There was a super dark section and I had no headlamp so I kept slowing down.

At one point, a runner I vaguely know said, "Oh, just doing a training run?" I said, "Excuse me?" and he said, "Well, you usually run way faster. So you must be taking it easy and just doing a training run." I swallowed all the profanity in the world and simply said, "I ran Vermont 100 last week. THIS IS hard. I am racing, trying to."

Really bummed me out to hear that negative comment. (Also similar: "I can't believe I'm keeping up with you. What's going on today?" "Wow. I caught the great Cherie Yanek. You must be really struggling." Thanks, maybe you're just rocking it?!)

I ended up with a decent amount of miles, and wiped down with baby wipes during the awards ceremony. I slathered some glitter on, shimmied into some sequins, and went out dancing at the House of Yes to the Kostume Kult Party with my Pink Lightning campmates! Great night!