21 March 2009

you know you're an ultrarunner when...

you think adding vanilla energy gel or plain energy gel to your coffee to sweeten it is a good idea.

i kid you not. my friend nelson told me this during our long run today!

17 March 2009

becoming a 100% athlete

i've really been focused on my training a lot lately; i'm training for the vermont 100 this july, and i've never been this focused on my training -- i try to go to the gym 2-3 times a week for strength training, cross-train (if possible) 1-2 times per week, and i run 5 days a week or so. i've been doubling up on some days as well, and it helps that my job is a very managable easy run - plus not much longer than taking the subway! it's much nicer running than it is being crammed in a subway car, standing, and waiting forever at hoyt-schemerhorn for the G. i try to incorporate at least 1 day of speed, 1 day of plyometrics, and 1 long run day.

i've also been focusing on my nutrition a little more. i eat really healthy generally -- pretty much all whole grains (except trevor's semolina/white flour pasta which is to die for!), veggies, fruits, dairy, eggs, nuts, very little processed foods (ironically, many of my "running snacks" are processed in some sort of way -- GU, energy bars, pretzels). i have a huge sweet tooth, and recently decided to try to limit my sweet intake. it's been a week and a half and i haven't had any sweets (save honey in my tea) -- which is huge for me, considering i have three kinds of girl scout cookies (thanks, mom!) and grandma's cookies in my house (in the freezer).

if running is such a big part of my life, i need to treat my body very well. i find that eating all this good stuff -- lots of greens, protein, and all-around yumminess -- i'm often not hungry for sweets. i'm SO proud of myself knowing how much i love sweets. the more i've stayed away, the less i crave them. in fact, i don't even want them! how bizarre is that!?

i know i'll be eating sweets again, but i think cutting them out for this short period has made me understand how important it is for me to eat as healthy as possible. i'm trying to eat often (low blood sugar makes me ill if i don't eat often enough -- i get very lightheaded and it's scary) and well and i feel quite healthy.

i feel ready to run!

14 March 2009

ultrarunning is not unhealthy

a great post here!

whenever my mom says, "all that running is bad for you," i reply, "i eat a vegetarian, whole-grain, primarily organic diet. i sleep 7-8 hours a night, strength train, stretch, cross-train, do yoga, and yes, i run a ridiculous amount. once you start working on five days a week [as is now recommended] and stop eating fast food and all that processed crap, we can talk."

i love my mom but i wish she would not nag me; i'll nag her when she nags me. she is getting better, exercising more. she just needs to kick that damn nutrasweet habit.

10 March 2009

08 March 2009

get ready to vomit

Vatican defends rape-abortion case excommunication

A senior Vatican cleric has defended the excommunication of the mother and doctors of a 9-year-old girl who had an abortion in Brazil after being raped.

WTF!?!?!? The church is SO messed up.