21 March 2009

you know you're an ultrarunner when...

you think adding vanilla energy gel or plain energy gel to your coffee to sweeten it is a good idea.

i kid you not. my friend nelson told me this during our long run today!


Sexo said...

I am way beyond the 'think is a good idea' part. It is what I do before long runs and marathons!!! latte flavor works great but I do not recommend the fruity ones unless you are truly hardcore!

1da said...

hahaha, i actually used the vanilla powerbar gel in my coffee before a long bike day.

i don't know if it was the nasty gel or the cheap ass shop coffee or the huge energy boost, but can you guess where i spent the majority of the next 2 hours?!

Luckily, i was sellin' bikes not ridin' em! ;)