15 November 2007

thanksgiving quote

You are to join your family in the American tradition of killing a bird and eating it because some people "discovered" this land they called America. You know, the land of the free.
--My friend's teacher

11 November 2007

because sometimes it's nice to reflect on how fantastic it is to be in love

what did the course look like?

no pretty music, though heaps of screaming crowds (save the bridge, LIC, Hasidic Jewish Williamsburg)

i can't believe i did this!

bouncing souls quote

revolution on tv--
that's a bunch of shit to me--
they don't know about you or me--
know your enemy!

they don't know about you or me
no matter what they say about me
they don't know about you or me
know your enemy!

mile 18

"The truth is that running hurts."

this made me cry

ordinary, sedentary people run a marathon

i was absolutely bawling during the last video clip, but watch the whole thing.

a memory, from nine years ago

Now I’m sitting on the fire escape behind our lounge of the 12th floor—scary looking down. Just funny the way your legs feel, as if the ground is about to disappear and you are about to fall. Anything to escape the truth.

10 November 2007


So I had an IT band injury;I still do, it's slightly hurting. I mentioned having a problem with it to a friend and he wrote:

One day you can explain what an ITBand is. It sounds like something you
put round your vagina area. Does it have an easy-access flap?

Iliotibial band is a thick, fascial layer that runs from the iliac crest of the pelvis to the knee joint and is occasionally inflamed as a result of excessive running.

So, no, there isn't an easy-access flap.

don't you remember?

i was so excited to have all this lovely free time this morning--i slept late, did an intense ab workout, ate some oat bran, went to the library, the farmers' market, and was coming from the gym, tired, when some hipster guy totally started staring at me, and i thought, "maybe my skin is clearing up?" (which it is--i had two big zits on friday and they are going away now.) and then i hear my full name--"cheryl ----" and i'm thinking, "who is it?" only my family and coworkers and old friends call me cheryl; most of my friends call me cherie and for someone to address me by my first and last name was unusual as well. i turned around and it was the hipster guy.

"it's me. justin. justin."

i can't lie in my face; this was a criticism of me at work. so it was obvious with the blank look in my face i had no clue who this justin creature was.

"justin. from high school. justin...remember? alysa?" now i knew two alysas and i was trying to place him. i couldn't. for some reason, the only thing i could remember was that justin (who i knew, i must have) was a year younger than me.

"oh yeah...hi...justin..." i said weakly. i shifted my bag of produce from the farmers' market to my other hand.

"how have you been?"


now, i hated high school. currently, i speak to one person from my high school, and that person happens to be my little sister. recently, facebook connected me with two old friends, but i have not seen them since high school. high school was painful, horrible, cruel and i blocked a lot of it out. i have no desire to reconnect with people from my high school, and i somehow happily missed my 10 year high school reunion. yeah, i'm that old. wow, i can't believe it's been 10 years since i graduated.

"how long have you lived here? i've lived here a while," he asked me. who was this guy? i must know him, though i see a little grey at his temples. are we that old already?

"ummm, i moved here in 2000, left, moved back..."

"oh wow...well, listen, i am running late and i'm sure you're busy so i'll see you around. i saw you before and kept thinking it was you and now i know...bye..."


a few blocks later i ran into one of my best friend's brother's boyfriend and we had a lovely chat and as i left christopher, i thought, "now that was lovely."

later, while sauteeing garlic and onion for pumpkin soup, i remembered: little ska boy, i think he likes the bouncing souls too (i remember him having a bs t-shirt), i think checkered vans maybe...

funny how things come back...

how lovely it feels...

...to finally have time! the past two nights, i've gone out late with my friends! friends i have not seen in way too long! i've drank (oh yummy!), relaxed, read, baked, cooked (just made pumpkin soup, oh-so-delish-mah-tish), and i even slept until 11am today!! i feel like a normal person. tomorrow, brunch! a life not revolved around running is full of much more time, and i'm really enjoying it...

07 November 2007

funniest thing i heard during the nyc marathon

in brooklyn, along lafayette: RUN, MOTHERFUCKERS, RUN

i was running with a bunch of european guys at this point, and this french and belgium guy were both laughing hysterically, saying, "yes, this is brooklyn."

yes, it is.

05 November 2007

yesterday's nyc marathon

so yesterday's new york city marathon was mostly fun. while i did improve my nyc time from last year, i did not live up to my potential.

the race started out well. i started about 24 or 26 seconds after the official start, and began running steady sub-eight minute miles. i was feeling really great, and wouldn't let myself push b/c i knew i needed all the energy i could get. brooklyn was beautiful; my favorite borough cheered their hearts out and i loved them for it. it got tougher, but i didn't let my pace go and felt great.


until the bronx. i started getting dizzy in the bronx, and fell off pace. instead of running sub-eight minute miles, on target (for so long!) for a 3:25, i got incredibly dizzy. nothing would help. i felt as if i were in a fog and i only wanted the race to end. i ended up running an extra twenty minutes slower. my parents were screaming my name but i couldn't even hear them; i just wanted to die. i was happy cara and crista did not make it to the end; i didn't want to see anyone.

immediately after crossing the finish line, i collapsed from dizziness. i never felt so dizzy. volunteers pulled me up and dragged me along. they put me on a stretcher and took me to the medical tent where i rested for a while.

and now, i'm so sad i didn't fulfill my potential--i could taste victory for oh-so-long--but i know i have it in me. next time...next time...

overall, my time wasn't terrible. i was in the top 1200 women, top 350 for my age, and top 7200 overall. still, i know i could do so much more.

but now, i'm so sore, tired...and drinking and eating way more than imaginable.

03 November 2007


is the nyc marathon. i'm nervous, butterflies in the stomach, headachey, scared...but excited!

01 November 2007

you're not my friend

i don't get it--people i was never friends with--or we even maintained a very clear dislike of each other--or people who i had a falling out with--or a falling away from--requesting me to be their friend on facebook or myspace. i can understand if we drifted and you send me a message and a friend request--totally, jamillah, i'm so psyched that we are again in touch. but it's really starting to annoy me that people that clearly did not like me years ago suddenly feel it's necessary to request me as a friend. why? if you want to be my friend, make an effort. you don't. you just want a number.

i don't need you as a connection.