05 November 2007

yesterday's nyc marathon

so yesterday's new york city marathon was mostly fun. while i did improve my nyc time from last year, i did not live up to my potential.

the race started out well. i started about 24 or 26 seconds after the official start, and began running steady sub-eight minute miles. i was feeling really great, and wouldn't let myself push b/c i knew i needed all the energy i could get. brooklyn was beautiful; my favorite borough cheered their hearts out and i loved them for it. it got tougher, but i didn't let my pace go and felt great.


until the bronx. i started getting dizzy in the bronx, and fell off pace. instead of running sub-eight minute miles, on target (for so long!) for a 3:25, i got incredibly dizzy. nothing would help. i felt as if i were in a fog and i only wanted the race to end. i ended up running an extra twenty minutes slower. my parents were screaming my name but i couldn't even hear them; i just wanted to die. i was happy cara and crista did not make it to the end; i didn't want to see anyone.

immediately after crossing the finish line, i collapsed from dizziness. i never felt so dizzy. volunteers pulled me up and dragged me along. they put me on a stretcher and took me to the medical tent where i rested for a while.

and now, i'm so sad i didn't fulfill my potential--i could taste victory for oh-so-long--but i know i have it in me. next time...next time...

overall, my time wasn't terrible. i was in the top 1200 women, top 350 for my age, and top 7200 overall. still, i know i could do so much more.

but now, i'm so sore, tired...and drinking and eating way more than imaginable.


MollyB, Bloggerin said...

Congrats on finishing and remaining healthy ... you are healthy, right? I do hope the dizziness is something benign.

Venessa said...

you still beat last year's time, so that's good. as you wrote in your latest letter, you never know what will happen in a marathon....

i'm still super proud of you :)

(a little worried, too, but i'll not go there now. it's just because i care....)

Andrew said...

Well done, Cheryl! You finished. I am in awe of that very fact. Hope your body and spirit are recovered. Go find a nice big fat cream cake.

steve edwards said...

congrats, cherie,

way to hang in there in adverse conditions. if you think it was your nutrition, and not just a weird day (as we all have those), let me know and i'll help you improve that.