17 May 2004

a few types and people in my library school
sad but true

1. middle aged moms. usually nice, sometimes annoying. the worst thing they ever do is talk about their children too much.

2. twentysomethings. that's me. we're either hip (me) or dorks. the middle aged moms look down on you, "oh you don't understand/know that. you're too young." whatever. it's their revenge for getting old. or something. now i hate proving myself that i'm smart even at 24 (25 next june 5!) but whatever, i'll be like, i miss those days, when i'm old.

3. middle aged men. they drive me crazy. they think they know it all and never shut up. they are SO annoying. like the jerk who harassed me after my presentation on censorship and wouldn't shut up b/c he's a boy scout leader and thinks we shouldn't have books on sex b/c he thinks his son should find out abt sex from him. yeah, if i was his son, i'm sure i'd prefer a book than him. but honey, it's not just you using the library: what about the people's whose parents won't tell them? freedom of information and access to information: the two fundamental beliefs that libraries are founded upon.

4. the paper eater.

5. the fussy nitpicky wannabe libraries who demand everything is JUST SO. AUGH!!!!

ME? i'm twentysomething but i'm a chatoic librarian. i support cats in all libraries!

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