28 May 2004

i cleared out one of my closet. i think only drag queens have more clothes than i. for me to clean out my closet, it's a HUGE deal!

it's official: trevor and i are meant for greatness!

so...my life as a "single" will change. i'm kinda nervous. i'm busy, running around, barely seeing my friends, neglecting to call my crazy grandma. my laundry is piling up. i haven't written in weeks. hopefully venessa and i will become famous writers b/c then we can have fifty collected letters books. i write this girl a few times a week.

so what else is going on with me?

things at my job are VERY unstable. my boss is super cool, is going to try to give me a raise to help me pay for my insurance. rah! my job isn't perfect but it's really nice for now...i hate the financial district ugh. basically there are rumours "we" are being "bought" and this is why they don't want to increase their head count. which means if/when "we" are "bought" i may not have a job. so i've been looking....

i got called for an interview for a press liasion/digital archivist. hmmm not sure if i'm going to be okay for it. i hate interviewing. i'll have to lie to leave work early.

i'm going to san francisco this weekend to see mikey. it turns out he has to work for part of my trip (great....) but i'm psyched to go. i really love san francisco.

trevor is convinced there will be a terrorist attack during the RNC. while i'll be in a cheerleading skirt, shouting about social injustic. *sigh* i don't know what to do. weren't we warned/worried thanksgiving/new years/etc/etc..."we think something might happen"...color levels rising...yellow orange red whatever. i just want bush out of office.

thinking abt how all of us use the word "bush" in that sexual way a lot more than ever lately. we're all so funny in the activist world...

i've been cheering A LOT lately. i am the webmistress of our website (totally ghetto, i don't have the time or skills...) so check it out if you want to check us out, let me know.

what else...i'm running a race on my birthday in central park! i'm turning 25 can you believe it? i'll also be having a "girl drink" party, so if yr my friend, you know the deal.

luna just got a new collar. it's purple with "rhinestones." she's not impressed.


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