23 January 2009

i'm not afraid of colour

my closet door is totally messed up, and my landlord and i were on the phone, determining the details of when the handyperson could come over and fix it.

"his name is alex, and i have to warn you of something: cher, he's black."

i pause. and????

"i don't care--"

"no, it's just -- you might be afraid. but he's a very nice man."

"isaac, i'm not afraid! i'm not racist. i don't care what color his skin is--"

"it's just -- you live alone, a single woman. and-- sometimes--people get scared when they see him. and he's worked for me for years, for six years, and he's a good man, he's a very good--"

"as long as he fixes my closet, i don't care if he's purple."


V said...

oh my! just when i think the country is getting better....you should tell him you have a friend who is more frightened of white men than black men....

AnthonyP said...

Ok, so you are considering flying down for Rocky Raccoon 100 as your first 100.....stop considering, head over to Jet Blue and book your flights, and go sign up and do it. It is a great course for a first 100 miler.

I see you have North Face at Bear Mountain on your schedule...don't know if you did it last year, but I did - brutal.

AnthonyP said...

Hey....Rocky Raccoon flights...Houston is the farthest away. Bush International is closest. I am flying out of Houston b/c I wanted to fly Jet Blue.