20 January 2009

i cannot take this weather anymore

i know compared to some areas of the country (the midwest, buffalo), i have nothing to complain abt. but i'm so freaking sick of the sub-freezing temps, the snow, the ice. it's horrendous. i'm on the verge of crying, "let's just move to retirement central, t!" and live in my parents' retirement condo in florida. seriously, it's so freaking cold, it's depressing, i've eaten soup more times since i've been back that it's nearly every meal (with oatmeal for breakfast), and running in the snow and ice is so sad and cold. i want to experience WARMTH. if new york city didn't have winter, it would be the perfect place to live. seriously.


Sexo said...

Cheer up... It is an Ultra, the Ultra of life! A mean hill to get over, a mile before an Aid station...

V said...

there you go, knocking b-lo again ;)

seriously though, b-lo is on average 10-20 degrees colder than NYC it seems (like toronto is 10-20 degrees colder than b-lo and ned is 10-20 degrees colder than b-lo) but think about minnesota and wisconsin: i think they're 20-40 degrees colder!