19 January 2009

doubling up

i doubled up my runs today. this morning i ran 70 minutes, and this evening, the lovely snowfall seemed to tease me into a run, so i headed out again to the streets. it was absolutely beautiful. the roads were a little slippery when i first headed out for my second run, so i ran back home and strapped on my yaktrax. the metal gripped the ice and i ran without fear happily for 80 minutes.

on my run today, i got some great feedback from strangers. i HATE being sexually harassed, but love positive feedback, like this:

"you look like you're dancing," an old woman told me this morning.

a thumbs up from some random person on my a.m. run

"now that's dedication!" some random guy on the street as i ran in a snowstorm

"you're still out here?!" the ups guy who i always say hi to, after he saw me at the finish of my run (he had seen me at the start)

1 comment:

V said...

ha ha, i like the ups comment. aren't ups people the greatest? i swear, i've never had an unfriendly one.

i want to encourage my local runners, but whenever i try, they don't seem to appreciate it. so i stopped.

oh wait, the group of old men who run in my area always love it when i wave and smile! must just be the snobs on my street....