31 January 2009

lovely (or lazy) saturdays

wake up early, but not too early. eat pbj on cinnamon raisin bagel. run. sofreakingcold. instead of 20 miles, do 12. come home and make buttermilk blueberry pancakes. straighten up. drink tea. eat banana bread. shower. chill. read cookbooks in bed while drinking riesling. now, t is making pasta in the kitchen (from scratch), i'm roasting red peppers in the oven, drinking more wine. we're eating olives, extra-sharp cheddar, macadamia nuts, snuggled in warm heat, feeling the good life. i was hoping to find cheap plane tickets to houston for rocky raccoon, but it's too much. i'm satisifed. tomorrow will be miriam's for brunch, followed by seeing milk, and then max brenner chocolatier-- all with my mom. superbowl? huh? yes, i'll be making soup, and it will be soup-er!

p.s. i love wine!

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