15 January 2009


this morning, i slept in a bit (woke up at 6:10 a.m.! ooh!) and ran 8 miles. i knew it was going to be cold, so i bundled up (warm pants, smart-wool socks, sneakers (duh), wicking sports bra, wicking tee, wicking long-sleeved tea, warm ems thicker long-sleeved, running fleece, gloves, mittens and face mask) and headed out. when i opened my front door, i was surprised that it was snowing! how beautiful!

the traction was fairly good, and i ran slowly and careful. my hamstring has still been a little sore, so i've been taking it easy. i skipped a speed workout this week, and will head to the gym after work to go on the elliptical as well (the elliptical doesn't seem to bother me for whatever reason) to get in some extra miles.

this morning, the streets were quiet and lovely. i headed to the small olive park, and just really enjoyed the fact that for once, there weren't five million barking dogs chasing me while their owners smoked and drank coffee and ignored their pooches. it was me, the squirrels and the snow. it was beautiful and lovely, and i really enjoy every chance to clear my head and become free and one with myself on a run.

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