16 January 2009

running is my true love

i'm in absolute love with rachel toor's new book, personal record: a love affair with running. here are a few of sections that really spoke to me:

How many times have I met a guy who offered nothing in terms of mate potential only to hear his PRs and think, My, you're rather attractive. I find out that someone who seemed stupid, old, and short can still run a 2:30 marathon? Come on over, big boy. You broke four minutes when you were in college? You're cute. Some will say you're only as good as your last race. I don't agree. I'll never run a 2:30 marathon or a 3:59 mile. I am attracted to people who can or did.

I love what Toor is saying here...I totally know what she's saying. But while I'm not necessarily evaluating potential mates, I'm impressed. Like when I met Dan...wow, a fast runner! Wooohooo, taking down 22 runners!

It's possible that Khalid Khannouchi, Don Kardong, and Ian Torrence are not attractive men. I wouldn't know. They look darned good to me. Last summer I met a guy I wouldn't have talked to in a bar. Then I found out he was trying to break 2:30 at the St. George Marathon. What first seemed like skeletal geekiness was transformed int, well, you know. Speed goggles.

Yes, fast times are impressive, and somehow, make the runner seem cooler.

In regards to a first ultra...
But, but, but, I said. I've never run that far. I don't know if I can do it. It's up a mountain and back down. It's the first year of the race--things always go wrong the first year. I could get lost. I often get lost. It's desolate and deserted up there. There are no previous times to try to gauge how long it will take. It could be wet. It could be cold. (I am always cold.) I will fall. (I always fall.) There might not be enough -- or the right kind of -- food at the aid stations. I haven't trained enough. I'm scared.

She has all my doubts.

The best way to get quick and easy calories during a race is to eat candy or cookies. Race organizers know this, and ultras all over the country often have aid-station buffets that are McDonald's -like in their uniformity--M&Ms, Chips Ahoy, Oreos, Fig Newtons, and gummy bears. No matter where you're race, you'll find these staples. Many races also have volunteers who will bake brownies or cookies.

My last ultra I ate four "Fun-Sized" Snickers bars, five gels, and lots of pretzels. For me, ultra food is gummy bears, pretzels, pretzels with peanut butter (my absolute favorite snack!), cakes, brownies, cookies. Yum!

This book is a must for an ultrarunner, runner, or anyone who wants a laugh and isn't sure what the allure is in running so far for so long. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

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V said...

ha ha! i am so amused at that first excerpt. i started laughing out loud, forgetting i am at work. come on over, big boy!

some of these excerpts could totally be you writing to me in a letter!!!!