04 January 2009

saying goodbye to buenos aires

i´m on my way out of here...i can´t believe how quickly the past few weeks have passed. i´ve explored the north of argentina in salta la linda, hiked and horseback rode and eaten lots of chocolate in bariloche, met amazing people and practiced my spanish and saw some amazing vortex-like spots (like the yoga summer solstice celebration and the waterfall) in el bolson, was wowed by the amazing iguazu waterfalls (oh my god. that is one of the best things in the world), chilled on the beach, surfed, ran and met incredible people in mar del plata, and shopped, explored, had tea and LOVED buenos aires. it was a real treat to do it all with one of my best friends, though part of it was alone, and was much-needed -- i did heaps of exploratory thinking and walking in salta, and have really figured some stuff out.

what have i figured out? i´ve figured out what is important to me-
  • running, but i don´t need to be obsessed with it
  • trev, luna, and my fam
  • i need to learn to be less stressed and overwhelmed and manage my time better in nyc
  • i want to see more places. time to start saving for a big RTW trip.
with my final hours, i´m going to meet a friend for tea, relax in the hostel, get my stuff together. i´ve loved it here, and while i´m sad to leave, i´m excited to go home (and eat good food!) and hoping to feel refreshed. i was clubbing until 6a.m., slept 2 hours, ran 1.5 hours, and shopped. i´ll sleep on the plane and wake up in a new country.

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