14 July 2004

here's some of my favourite sites…

okay I am the webmistress, but it's rad!

a great website for finding hard-to-find books.

I use this site at least weekly…has terrific translation advice as well as articles and information about languages that are becoming extinct, etc.

if you haven't started listening yet, you will. I never thought I'd be into talk radio, but I'm totally addicted now…! yow! "unfiltered" is good, as is everything. I laugh like crazy during the randi rhodes show. you can listen over the internet, thru satellite tv, or over the radio.

music of all kinds. right now I'm listening to judge jules. amazing stuff, really. plus those cute british accents. yum!

my alma matter…this is the website with readings of waldman, ginsberg, and many of the other postmodern greats and others. terrific stuff. you can dl and then listen…!

some other news sources:
really funny political website, often featuring news fr the extreme left field. right on! I read daily…

I read this paper b/c it's written intelligently, and b/c it's good to know what's happening worldwide.

very funny…and I must break it to you, but although it seems true, it's a satirical paper.

another one of my fave sites. a good alternative news source.

you have to watch a brief ad, but it's worth it.

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