11 September 2006

things that are going on

i'm feeling a bit depressed today. it could be the lack of sleep catching up to me, or the fact that my apartment is super messy, or the fact that i lost *everything* in my pocket pc when the battery died and everything got erased, or it could be the fact that i'm listening to bob dylan and feeling broken-hearted (he always creates that feeling in me, or emphasizes it if i feel it already), or it could be the feeling that it's the 5th anniversary of september 11th attacks.

i was thinking: people mention things like d day or pearl harbour attacks, and youngins are like, "yeah, so what? we don't get a day off and we weren't there and what happened anyway?" i wonder how long it will be before those people are around and how long it will be before new yorkers feel safe and the pain lessens? i suppose we'll need those pesky, rude, and obnoxious tourists to stop mugging for photos in front of a construction site where thousands of people died.

but back to bob, back to work. i know that sadness is only temporary. there are clouds but there is sunshine too. i'm relatively happy, even if the sadness (and stress) has been clouding my dreams lately. this is a time when i need a roommate (as marie had done before) to shout, "cherie you are NOT listening to this! we are putting on happy music."

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