08 November 2006

memorable moments of the marathon

  • hearing the rocky theme song in brooklyn
  • "i like your hair." "go pink skirt!" (towards me)
  • being handed a bottle of water, drinking it, and then looking to see a jay-z label on the bottle
  • "what's that all over your face? salt?" my mom, post-marathon
  • being so dizzy i'm forced to grab onto a spectator for a moment
  • the absolute ROAR upon entering central park for that last stretch into the finish line
  • the absolute ROAR upon exiting the 59th st bridge
  • 1st ave; the people--dizzying!
  • finishing and having a packet of salt poured into my mouth--yuck!
  • candice in the bronx! yay!
  • the man handing out soda on the willis ave bridge
  • a man pushing me, and me tripping and accidentally tripping a woman because of this--who yelled, "get away from me!" i ran sideways, and then past her.
  • shouting at quiet hipsters (who probably didn't hear me) in williamsburg, "if you're gonna raise the rents, raise your voices!"
  • listening to trev's brother who is normally quiet (around me) scream my name
  • finishing. finishing. FINISHING!

1 comment:

fook said...

wat a memorable moment of ur marathon, so when u gona run another marathon? cant wait to run my 1st full marathon...