20 December 2006

my mom was wrong

according to a study mentioned in today's times, most americans have had premarital sex. 91% in fact. shocking! i like that the researcher talks about because of findings like this (and they go back into adults from the 1940s!), it makes it more relevant than ever for our teens to get sexual education--which, in the usa, is very hard. i know my mother--though i do love her--gave me very little sexual education, and school wasn't much better. abstinence-only education is horrible, as people ARE having sex.

what people also forget is that one of the ways so many women get stds is FROM THEIR HUSBANDS. (related.) you think, "we're in a monogamous relationship..." when he's cheating on you and not using condoms... i'm sure it also happens in the reverse way (women giving men stds) but you mostly hear about the husbands giving the wives the stds. and if you have no education, you may not understand the signs...

it's just really, really sad.

education is key. and mom, i really do love you.


V said...

My mom, also, gave me very little sex ed: a BOOK!!!! And then when I was 14 she told me to ask her for birth control. She was ECSTATIC when I brought home a permission slip to sign up for Human Sexuality in HS....but tons of public schools don't have this or are losing it due to the ridiculously misleading "No Child Left Behind" act, which is, in fact, leaving many children behind, especially low-income ones.

1da said...

Not to mention that most "Sex Ed" classes in school nowadays actually, talk very little abt sex. At Columbine Elem, the kids get a "health class" - one day, basic info. teachers cannot talk abt the anatomy nor go in depth into stds other than this is this and that is that, you get an std from this or that and no more questions.

Granted, these are 5th graders, but today, you can't depend on high school sex ed to cover the bases for kids who are already into sex. It's like if you don't talk abt it, it won't/ doesn't happen...actually, it does.

We live in a society that doesn't allow kids to be kids, sex and violence is being pushed down their throats (ergh, excuse that pun) to sell everything from clothes to video games.

This study shows that many more kids are much more aware of sex than their parents think, but that doesn't mean they know the facts, it just means they are sexualized earlier.

Sex Ed today is really really less than adequate, but "you don't go there" in Boulder Valley School District (and probably many other school districts) b/c parents get their panties in a bunch and we don't wanna offend em.

Interesting that parents claim that sex ed needs to be taught in the home or thru religious affiliations, but in truth, it's not happening then we wonder why teen aids/stds, etc is up again.

I still know people who tell their kids "if you're a good girl (boy), you won't get "in trouble". yeah right! If people love their kids, then they need to get over being embarrassed and talk to them...it's really the best way to keep em "outta trouble" and that goes for more than just sex.

Anonymous said...

Esp. in religious schools like I went to,No one even talks about girls.blah.