10 February 2007

manaus, brazil

so after too many hours crammed into airplanes, i arrived at manaus. i hear bk in nyc it~s freezing and there~s a winter storm advisory but im pleased that it~s humid, mid 80-s or so--very comfy.

so far i havent done much--ive only been here a handful of hours. i started my time in manaus by booking a jungle tour--i~ll be in the rainforest from tomorrow morning until tuesday early evening. it sounds good and the guy said they~ve had vegetarians before so hopefully i won~t starve. i~m really excited about that.

my hostel is a bit of a dump but i~ll survive. only two nights here total.

after i signed up for my jungle tour, i went on a run of manaus. the streets are crazy--absolutely crammed with people and it was an adventure but kind of fun. i went to see teatro amazonas which was pretty, and tried to find food--unsuccessfully. brazil is not kind to vegetarians.

i must find food or i~ll surely faint.


V said...

Whoo-Hoo!!!! Rock on, girl. I'm so proud of you, that you take on adventures by yourself, I don't know if I could. I was telling C about your current adventure, and she was really impressed that you are going solo. I also met another guy last night who was also impressed. And me too. You inspire me every day that I know you!!!!

Melissa said...

Oh, so you've gone more than 10 minutes without food? Take some cool pictures of the insects for me on your jungle tour!

Andrew said...

Hi Cheryl! How is/was Brazil?! Just checked your blog to see if you were enjoying yourself. Will look back again - be good, be travelling!