07 July 2007

growing up

my baby sister is engaged and getting married. she has a very different life than i do--lives in a nice suburban house with all sorts of nice normal suburban things--but still, this really clues me in that she is an adult. oh no, wait, if she's an adult and younger than me...i must be an adult.

parties wearing fairy wings and trips to the middle east--are those for adults?

they're for me!

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V said...

Ha! You sound like me, talking about my younger cousin. Not that I want to necessarily get married, mind you: I don't even want a relationship right now! But, she's three years to the day younger than me, yet I feel like she's the "adult" of the two of us: she has a steady job, is married, owns her home, has a great dog, etc. And....well, I don't need to get depressed thinking about the state of my life as the dreaded birthday approaches later this month, you know how I feel about my own circumstances!

But yes, adults wear fairy wings and plan extensive vacations and wear miniskirts and go the the beach....that's one of the great advantages of being an adult: we can finally do whatever we want and no one can tell us to do otherwise! (Or, they can, but we don't have to listen ;)