01 July 2009

burning man 2009

so things fall apart; the center cannot hold. all my plans disintegrated a few weeks ago, but as my dad says, "things always get better." and they have. i am definitely going back to burning man.
so far, i bought my tent, my plane ticket out there...i still have lots of organizing to do, but it's exciting and fun, despite the chaos. i am either moving immediately before or immediately after, so that should add to the insanity as well. my boyfriend may or may not come (i hope he does), rachelle may or may not come, crista may or may not come, bill may or may not come...supposedly it's def gwendolyn and i.

but the preparation is half the fun. i have already putting stuff aside...little things like yummy-smelling hand sanitizer, and fun costumes and outfits. i need to get some fake fur so i can make a hot pink fake fur bikini to wear around the playa.

why do i go? i go because it is a place where i feel 100% myself, i feel completely free. there are few places i feel totally free: when i'm running is the main place, but burning man is the other. by free i mean i can be 100% me, run around, do whatever i want, not have to worry abt what will others thing or hold myself back from how i truly feel like acting. it's not something i think abt doing consciously, but i do. everyone does.

meanwhile, looking forward to august 31.

here's a video to inspire and excite you on the art of burning man:


Anonymous said...

Tent? Is there a seamsealing weekend coming up? Too early to start the Dr Bronner debate? You are right, the organizing can be fun and the deciding leads you one step closer, back to the playa. I'm leaning that way. Just need some good tucker music! :)

cherie said...

Yes. I think we're going to go to my parents one day before the beach, set up the tent, seam seal it, then get some sun, maybe surf, swim, go back to my parents, and take the tent down. The guy at EMS said it's pretty stinky but he said he's done it in his apt before.

I'm not doing Dr Bonner again. My hair was straw. I have to hit up Whole Foods and see what they have.