15 November 2009

50k Solo on the Greenbelt Trail

Had a great run today on the Greenbelt Trail on Long Island. I got lost at one point (when crossing Washington from the north, do not go on the white trail with black dots directly across the street; instead, cross, run down the road abt 300 meters and then you'll eventually see the entrance). My favourite part was when I was trying to run around a mud puddle and I slid in and couldn't stop laughing. It was mentally tough, but I pushed beyond: I must be strong for my upcoming ultras; I want to go sub-24 at Umstead. I need to work on becoming more mentally tough.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered the 50k race there every may? I went this year, only did the 25K, but good times anyway. (:

cherie said...

Yes, I wanted to this year but it was the same day as Bear Mtn.

EJReagan said...

I run the Green Belt most every Sunday. I start up in Cold Spring Harbor. I plan to do either the 25k or the 50k in the spring. I run Harriman and Bear Mtn too, but the Green Belt allows you to really run.