19 June 2010

Run at the Gunks

I was trying to rearrange all these photos and put captions but Blogger was being stupid. These are photos of a terrific trail run I had last Sunday. Ray and I drove up and met Jeff (who provided the maps and wonderful directions) and Crista (who ran with us the first 4 miles before she smartly backed off - the girl needs to take it easy right now!). I was so bummed that it was so misty and foggy (I kept telling Ray, "This is a spot with the most amazing view." And he was like, "Yeah yeah, I hear that again.") and it rained on  and off but we still got a solid 34 miles in. The trails were beautiful, muddy and even wet (notice a few photos of Jeff and I standing in the water). There's something so special about trail running - most of the times, it was just running and the trails, step, step, step, breathe, view, dirt, chipmunk, trail, gorgeousness. Ray and I discovered an early-blooming blueberry patch and snacked on them (yum!) and it was great to bond with a friend in a new way. Ray got to serve as my advice columnist, listening to love problems and he gave great advice. Of course! I always find the older (well, Ray's only 9 years older) ultrarunning men have great advice. Like Ray K. And random strangers. It's funny how if we were at a party, I doubt I ever would have told him all these things...but when you're ultrarunning, all the rules go out the door.

Standing in water


TonyP said...

Cool picks and great that you got in 34 miles!

KevInDC said...

hi Cherie, lurker here.

Interesting post as always. As an aside, I was wondering: what are your thoughts on your Nathan vest? I'm on the verge of investing (heh) in one, but I'm taking an informal poll, first.


cherie said...

I love my vest - tons of storage, holds lots of water. My only complaint is that my frame is small and it tends to slip a bit while running. (It is the women's one, too, which is supposed to be smaller.)

Good luck.

KevInDC said...

I'm small, too, so fit is a concern. 5'3". Maybe I'll get the lady vest.
Cool, thanks for the insight!