11 August 2010

Burning Man Ultramarathon - First Ever 50k in Black Rock City!

As the days get closer to Burning Man, I'm getting more and more excited about not just the amazing festival that is Burning Man, but also about the Burning Man 50k. Running an ultramarathon at Burning Man was a dream of mine since my very first Burn, and I am so excited that I will actually be doing it. In the beginning, I was worried it would just be me, Murray and Jon, but it looks like we'll have a solid crowd. There's 35 people who have sent in their RSVP full info to me, but 83 people on our Facebook page said they were going to do it!

This year, packing is an additional struggle b/c I'm including finishers' rewards, Heed, numbers, and other assorted supplies needed for the race. Also, I'll bring my fuel belt, some gels, extra endurolytes. And of course, what costume should I run in? I'm thinking my favorite tutu might be good (with some Saucony sneakers and a sports bra!) - and body glide everywhere that it can possibly go!

Yesterday, we got some unexpected media attention! Wired magazine picked up on it, and wrote an article (without reaching out to me), "Burning Man Readies for Its First Ultramarathon." So exciting! And now this additional media attention has a few more runners reaching out to me! We also got in another website, Blisstree, on "Burning Man Ultramarathon: Things We'll Never Do." They make it sound unappealing! Honey, this is nothing compared to Badwater or Marathon Des Sables (Sahara MultiDay).

One guy wrote me, saying he had always wanted to go...and now he's in the midst of a divorce and thinking abt it. I encouraged him to come, telling him my story. (Talking to God about how unhappy I was in my previous relationship; God gave me some great advice.) I told him he'd def get a lot of clarity into his life, his relationship, his future.

Burning Man is a week long party, yes, but it's also a lot more. I'm excited for those quiet moments I'll have - running around the playa in the ultramarathon, riding my bike to a friend's camp across the playa, wandering around in deep playa late at night to look at art...I know I'll get a lot more clarity abt what I want and need and what I'm looking for. I know, but it will also provide the necessary motivation for me to move forward. Funny, it has a reputation as being a place for drugs, but this year, Burning Man will be attracting a new group of addicts: endrophin junkies.

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