15 July 2012

Bike Love

I love riding my bike.

Boulder's saving grace was that it was a bike-friendly town, and when I'd come home from the grocery store, precariously balancing way too many bags on my handlebars, I was far from abnormal. In fact, it was the norm. And I loved that. 

Today, I continue to love to bike - I bike to work, bike to bars and restaurants and parks with my boyfriend, bike to meet friends, bike when I'm in a rush and walking isn't fast, bike to the library, bike when I feel like it.

But on Monday, when biking to the library, my seat post finally completely broke. I rode back home, with my seat perilously swinging forward and backwards at random, making for a scary ride. Wayne examined it and pronounced it really messed up, and said that to fully fix it, he'd need to put a new seat post.

And ahem, that would cost $100.

And ahem, Mabel (my bike's name) is fifteen years old.

And don't you want to keep up with all the speedster hipsters on road bikes who keep passing you?

It might be about time.

I pouted. I was depressed. But I knew it really was time. Mabel was fifteen. She was heavy and carrying her up and down the stairs was difficult. When I borrowed Wayne's bike to ride to the library, I almost flew over the handlebars. Wow. Brakes are supposed to work instantly...not a ten seconds later. Okay, it's past Mabel's prime.

Wayne was excited to help me, as he loves bikes. What kind? Pink. Yes, Cherie, pink, but what kind. Oh. A road bike. I guess. Something lighter. It has to have brakes and gears and a kickstand.

Surprisingly, this was difficult. I couldn't find anything that was pink and adult. I found a hybrid and decided to go with it even though it wasn't as light as I wanted and looked a little cruiser-esque.

Wayne and I went out to Big City Bicycle, where my family has always bought all of our bikes. I test rode the Bianchi and decided to get it. 

But wait, maybe you should test ride more than one bike?

I saw a sleek, fuchsia coloured road bike. Oooh, hello, my name is Cherie and I think this is love. I rode it - moved fast, moved well, handled the turns well.

The bike shop owner tried to encourage me to get the Bianchi - it had fatter tires which he thought would be better in the city. But I wanted the smaller, lighter, faster bike. And it felt so right.

I struggled with indecision...and ultimately bought the Fuji road bike. I love it!

Wayne and I headed to Floyd Bennett Field, where he practiced land boarding and I rode around aimlessly, enjoying views of the ocean, paths and roads with few cars. The bike handled well, even over bumpy roads and potholes, and the brakes, wonderful. 

It was love...and my new bike is named Esther.


Robin Goodfellow said...

Happy girls is happy :)

I can see that smile...now go play with your new baby ;)

Nina Rose said...

Nice bike! I just recently bought a Specialized Vita (hybrid). It's not as cute as yours though, and probably not as light since it's a hybrid :)