10 March 2013

Caumsett 50k Race Report 2013

Blah blah blah 50k. I somehow PRd, but mainly bc I've mostly run mountain 50ks with the exception of Burning Man where drinking large quantities of alcohol before (along w small quantities during the race) didn't help for a good race. So I PRd at this, but was almost an hour slower than what I hoped for. Oh well. A PR is a PR is a PR.

The plan was to go out at 8min pace. And maintain. Easy, right?

I kept up with that for the first four laps (the laps were 5k each). And then my tummy started feeling wretched and this incredible pain that plagued my feet during the Brooklyn Half started. I cried out to Wayne, who was watching me for some bizarre reason (Love, I suppose...otherwise,why would you go out to an ultra in freezing cold March?) and he got me advil. Normally I don't like to take that sort of thing during a race (It's not a good idea to take NSAIDs during races, but I had tears in my eyes from the pain.). 

Tony caught back up w me and cheered me up. And then I caught up to Mary and we finished together.

I cried at the finish, sad at my misery, how far off I was from my goal. Then I walked out to meet Ray K and chat w him during part of his final lap. Then I got a ride bk to the city with an old school ultrarunner.

And it was a week ago. My legs are tired from a 17+ mile morning run and 11 mile evening run. I would like a nap please. No bed.

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