21 April 2013

Traprock 50k Race Report

It was SO much fun last year, I decided to do it again!

It was hilly, it was rocky, it was rooty. The RD is great - Steve Nelson - and the people are great, friendly, and fun.

I headed out, planning on running a relatively easy race. I had run a half marathon, then a 24 hour, then a 3 hour, and now this. And I had a 50miler scheduled the next weekend. 

I drove up with Scott, Glenn and Will, and had a fun ride. My boyfriend tried to make it like he was being nice in picking me up from the race. (Him: "I'll give you a ride home." Me: "But I have a ride home." Him: "I want to see you finish." (Note, he did not do this; he arrived almost an hour after picking me up.) The real reason - he wanted me to go to dinner at his parents'.)

I started out too hard, like an idiot with asthma, duh. You can't sprint straight up hills when you have asthma. I have to start races SLOW. The initial climb up sucks a lot, but whatever, you deal with it. Lots of rocks, roots, look down the entire time. Then you have a "Stairway to Heaven" section - where I couldn't remember the tune to this song as I climbed the rocky stairs so I had Eric Claptop "Tears in Heaven" in my head instead. Bizarre.

I met a really nice woman, Amy, from Long Island. We had some similar races, and quickly bonded, talking about work, life, running, the usuals. We ended up running much of the race together and finishing together. Woooohooo!

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