03 June 2013

Short and Sweet

In the past few weeks, I’ve done some short races. I stopped doing short races as much, mainly because it was depressing to go from my faster days (PRs include 19minute 5k, 38minute 10k, 1:35 half) to  be a slow ultrarunner. But I guess I’m not as slow as I thought…with the Ray K inspired goal of “having the most fun” I ran some pretty decent races in the recent weeks.

Not bad. Wearing a multi-coloured tutu, I set out to have heaps of fun. Knowing I had run a 50k the week before (and a 50miler the week before that!), I figured I’d be slow and set a goal of sub 1:50- and I ended up running 1:37. With high fives, smiles, I could not believe how good I felt…almost like I could run that exact distance at the same pace. Not bad…and with a fun beach party to follow!

Not bad either. Wayne noticed the name of the race in the NYC Runs Twitter feed and I immediately remembered the fabulously-named race – and decided to run it, despite the fact that I was still in an airport and wouldn’t get home until midnight. Oh well. I slept in until 8am, run about 4 miles to the start, ran the 10k with a giant smile, ate an ice pop, and ran back home. LOTS of fun but taking my inhaler wasn’t so much fun. Oh, and got 1st in my age group, snagging a sweet trophy.

Two days before a 50miler, no packing done, too many things on my mind, and way too hot, on a really windy and crowded course, I came out…and ran quite a respectable pace.

What’s different? I’m doing a lot more speed workouts with Ray K training me, and with less pressure of “I MUST PR OR MY LIFE SUCKS,” I have been running at fun paces. Also, running in cute outfits always pushes me. Ha!

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