10 November 2013

NYC Marathon 2013 Race Report

Almost in tears, awed by the fact that I ran 115.6miles (2nd USATF woman) the week prior and THEN ran NYC Marathon in 3:45

I kind of hate marathons. There's always the pressure to run really fast, and I always feel like if I don't PR, I suck. And then NYC marathon is crazy expensive and a big hassle.

But it's the best marathon ever. I've run Boston 3x and it doesn't even hold a candle to NYC.

I knew, a week after running 115.6 miles in 24 Hours at The Hard Way, I would be unlikely to PR. But hey, a girl can dream?

Regardless, I decided the best way to run this marathon would be to have fun! I wore my tutu, and got into the spirit of the marathon. I slapped high five, danced, sang along to the  music en route, waved, and smiled at EVERYONE. It was a blast. 

I went out at 7:30s, 7:40s, and slowed duh around mile 18. My body said, "Duh. You're an idiot. You ran 115.6 miles last week. You are a madwoman. And your legs are tired. We're slowing down."
Let's run with COLOUR!
But that was fun. More time to enjoy each moment.

The last mile, it hit me. THIS WAS HUGE. I was 2nd woman USATF the week before in the 24 hour National Championships and a week later, I was running the NYC Marathon. Tears gathered in my eyes and I sobbed aloud the last mile.

And then I was done. It was a beautifully fun day.

On the Verazanno Bridge!

Hmmm, maybe this marathon a week after a 24 hour wasn't such a hot idea?

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David H. said...

You have every reason to be proud of yourself for your fall running. Good for you for taking the time to enjoy the race. You earned it.