21 October 2003


I've always been a fan of old Quentin since the old days, so I thought for sure I would adore this movie like all his others. Let's just say I left the movie before it was over, and I've never done that. (I barely watch movies as it is, but hey...)

Back in my MFA program at Naropa, one of my writing teachers had us watch reservoir Dogs to study the dialogue--it was that good, according to Keith Abbott and others. Yes it is. A friend of mine when I was younger was obsessed with Pulp Fiction so I've only seen that about four times...

My sister called me and told me she just saw the worst movie.
"What movie?" I asked her.
KILL BILL, she told me. "It's SO violent."
I laughed, "That's Quentin." Melissa did not like a bit of gore, but I guess it's standard in movies, like it or not. (And I don't.) Just look away when they're slicing the ear off and then you're good to go.

Later, my neighbor told me that supposedly, Kill Bill has been labeled the most violent movie ever, and has used the most blood in a movie. That's not a fact though.

The movie opens with a closeup of Uma spattered in blood. Then you hear (maybe see? I closed my eyes) her get shot. Then credits.

Next Uma and this other woman kick ass martial arts style--good effects but a bit too bloody for me. Apparently, this woman was one of the few who tried to kill Uma and company at her wedding. In the end, Uma (the bride, I can't remember her name in the movie, but the bride is what we all see on the subway platforms, so you know what I mean) ends up killing this other woman--in front of her own daughter.

Artistically, great. The writing, director, cameras, wonderful. I'm not a bona fide film critic but it was wonderful techniques. I know film school students who idolize Tarrantino. The story is NOT in chronological order, which makes it more interesting, Quentin-style.

So then you go onto the wedding. Basically, the groom, bride, and others at the wedding are all shot. The bride is the only one who lives. And yes, she was preggers. :( Covered in blood. Disgusting. Too much blood.

There's a story of one violated character whose horribly violent childhood is told in the form of animation--very creative. However, these cartoons were sick--too much blood. Yuck.

Eventually, I had to leave. The amount of blood was too much for me to stomach. Instead, I went across the street to Sephora and bought eye makeup remover. Better than the movie.

When Trevor came out, he met me on the corner and told me it got bloodier. He liked it. I don't want to spoil the ending and tell you what he already told me, but I'm supposed to be reviewing this anyway. But I can't review it because it made me too upset. However, Mr. T, I love your movies except this one was too violent for me (and others). You're still great.

Rating Scale:
Creativity: A+
Violence: beyond the extremes
Overall: 10 if you like violence, 1 if you don't, 5 if you are neutral

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