20 March 2004

Or, How Being a Radical Cheerleading is EXHAUSTING!

Today I went to the NYC protest against US occupation and the war in Iraq. It was pretty intense. I was performing and marching with the NYC Radical Cheerleaders. We met up with a small Brooklyn squad from Pratt, and also the wonderful Syracuse System Shakers. It was so amazing!

With cheers with titles such as "Cheney is an Oil Whore," "Capitalism Does Not Work," and "Cheerleaders of the Revolution" we entertained fellow protestors and okay, showed our skirts and butts to many people. Yeah the NYC cops sure had a good time whenever we approached. We got hassled a few times by them b/c everyone was gathered around us to watch us and they wanted us to keep it moving.

But this was the best protest/march/rally I've ever been to. I felt like it was a huge party or a rave in the streets--everyone was dancing. There were Native American tribes dancing and banging away on drums with smoke, and these awesome drum squads and bands of all kinds of all people, it was amazing. We were dancing like crazy. My legs hurt and my throat is so sore right now.

Anyway, what are you doing there sitting on your computer reading this? Get up--get out! Start a revolution! Whether it be stop hating your body or dancing in the streets or saying, "CHENEY IS AN OIL WHORE," you will make a difference.

For pictures of today's protest, check out:

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