29 March 2004

some things that drive me crazy:

yeah i love new york city, but there are some things that really make me wanna pack up and move to a small island hut where i can write and read and run all day....but wait, what do i do on the weekends? where's the library? where's the museums? where's the bars, the clubs, the readings, the neighbors, the friends?
okay i'm staying, but here's some things that drive me nuts abt my beloved home.

10. ambulances/fire engines with sirens blaring. the sound is annoying, but that's not what i'm talking about. i'm talking about those people who keep on driving b/c wherever they have to go is more important than someone dying or a house on fire. one day it will be their loved one who has died or or their house that has burned down and their karma will come back to them. theoretically.

9. cell phones. yup i have one and i use it often. but there's a lovely thing called "etiquette," maybe we should call it "celliquette." i can't stand when people talk loud on their phones or drive with their phones. it seems whenever i see a car almost/do something stupid, it's b/c the person is not following the hands-free rules.

8. tourists. they like to take pictures, often my pictures, and take up the sidewalk. ugh go away.

7. subways. yup i love the fact that we are one of the only cities (the only???) with 24 hour reliable service--but i hate when the G train takes FOREVER to come, or the E train has yet another problem.

6. too many hungry people. too many overfed people. (yeah the rich get richer and the poor go broke.)

5. not enough clean air, not enough parks to go running in. and loud noises like buses drive me nuts! well at least it means we're close to airports and other rad things.

okay i admit it: I LOVE NEW YORK. i am willing to put up with this--screaming ambulances who are there within seconds, crazy subways, etc. why? BECAUSE I LOVE THIS CITY, IT'S THE GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD. (oh yes us new yorkers are mighty "new yorkcentric.") and don't you know what century 21 says, (something like) zagat's rated us the #1 discount store in new york city--AND THAT'S THE WORLD!

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