19 August 2005

florence, yet another day

today i went to the duomo church in florence, which was lovely and i was appropriately dressed. i had someone take a photo of me in the prayer position. then i went to the museo dell opera which had heaps of religious painting and artwork. the museums in florence are quite costly (6 euros for the museo dell opera!), but good. i made a reservation for the uffizi, as opposed to waiting in line for 3 hours, and it cost me 3 euros, on top of the 6,50 euro admission. still, it was good. halfway through, i ran into a guy from my hostel, and we spent the rest of the time wandering together, discussing paintings and figuring out what they meant, since neither of us know italian. he told me how you die from crucifixation and we looked at many, many paintings on a limited number of themes: mary holding jesus after he was born with or without the magi adoring him, jesus dead, or when the angels come to tell mary that she is preggers with jesus. still, very good. i love boticelli.

what will i do when i go back? i cannot stop visiting museums every day. perhaps my mind will open its own museum.

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Anonymous said...


It's me, Jesus. How you doin? I heard your prayer the other day and will get on it right away.

Just keep on keeping your faith in THE BIG GUY.

Peace out, J