16 August 2005

Loving Europe, Not Sure I Can Go Back to the USA Happy

I have been having such a brilliant time lately. So many highlights of my trip have been occuring. As if I think, Wow, that was amazing, then I go hanggliding, or to the top of the tallest mountain in Europe, or to the Street Parade. I spent last weekend in Zurich staying with Marco, this amazing Swiss guy, and his roommates and his roommates friends who were from the Netherlands, this Spanish guy, and also this Slovakian guy. It was so amazing and so enlightening to be around these people. As the only American, we discussed politics (Bush sucks), and they were amazed at many things about American culture...and I donnot know if I can go back there. My mother will freak, my boyfriend will leave me, and Tonks will hop on the first flight over here to drag me back to the states. But seriously, Europe is so much more progressive and diverse. You can hear house music in a grocery store. See thousands of years worth of history, just by walking down the street. Recycle in a train station. Eat amazing food, the pale imitations are in the USA. I dont know if I can do it. I just feel so far from what is back home.

Dont worry, I will go back home, but in the meantime, I am sucking down culture with cannolis, forgetting about the dirty streets of Brooklyn as I navigate the unnavigable ones of Venice.

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