03 January 2007

the savages: my version of a book review

i just finished reading joe kane's THE SAVAGES today. it's the story of the huaorani and their fight against the oil companies that are ruining great expanses of the amazon. when i finished it today, tears were in my eyes (and i was on the train, so i'm sure i looked bizarre, but that ought to tell you how powerful it was) and i am so glad i don't own a car. oil is dirty, dirty business, and the way that the oil companies have ruined the lives, health, and civilization of these people disgusts me.


V said...

I did a search so I can check this out of the library and he has another book, RUNNING THE AMAZON, that I thought I would let you know about, if you don't already know about it.

cherie said...

I actually read RUNNING THE AMAZON first and thought it was interesting but not as good. SAVAGES is more environmental. RUNNING is about the only trip through the entire length of the Amazon. Pretty interesting.