01 January 2007

what was 2006

before i go congratulating everyone on HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007, i thought i'd do a little thinking about my 2006 (prompted by an email from steve).

my 2006 was full of a lot of changes:
  • lost a long-term temp job with one-day's notice when the assignment was up
  • quit my job at the technical college
  • started working at the amazing nonprofit i currently work at
  • went to boulder for a long weekend to see many old treasured friends
  • went to london for andrew and john's wedding
  • spent a lovely summer in nyc with heaps of free concerts, free shows, and so much fun!
  • went to the beach as many times as possible
  • became a better knitter
  • ran the nyc marathon with a personal best of 3:51
  • decided to start running more marathons
  • realized my family is totally crazy and i'm spending holidays away from them
  • turned 27
  • realized what my priorities are in life: my happiness, my health (go organic foods!), my running, my cat, my traveling, my writing
and the list goes on. most importantly, 2006 was a year of self-reflection. i broke up with my boyfriend, thought a lot about how he treated me and what i want. i realized that traveling is something that is a lifestyle to me. now, i'm in the perpetual state of confusion, but when at least that exists, you know you can just go with the flow.

and now...


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fook said...

HAppy Happy 2007 New Year to u!
Wish u had more fruitfull in 2007 year!
Take care always,