11 May 2007

top 10 things of this friday night

as i sweat gently in my apartment, still not sure what i'm wearing but i know i'm going out, i just wanted to make a list of ten fab things i'm enjoying this lovely evening:

  1. fruit. i LOVE fruit, especially when it's ripe and delicious in the summertime. yum.
  2. fancy delicious drinks, like the pear-lime martini i had earlier.
  3. madonna's good songs, singing along.
  4. good drum n bass that makes me wanna dance--that sustains me as i walk along wall street.
  5. my new white fabulous shoes!
  6. loads of fab vegetarian cookbooks from the library.
  7. dreams of traveling, revived by a fat stack of lonely planets on my bedroom bookshelf.
  8. how much i like the way i rearranged my furniture in my bedroom.
  9. loud good techno bouncing out of a car's open windows when i'm on my way somewhere fun, possibly with an italian ice in my hand.
  10. feeling free and happy and full of life in the summertime!

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