19 May 2007


i'm almost 28 and it's time to make some decisions about my life. should i stay in nyc forever? why am i not writing? when will i get my books published? how can i ever possibly save up living as i am in nyc? when will i go on a RTW? is marriage right for me? should i quit men and go back to the ladies?

there's so many decisions and i won't make them all. so i'll make these:

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V said...

You sound like me over the past few years, only I'm *slightly* older ;) I finally feel like my life is OH SO SLOWLY back on track, but it took a lot of soul searching and hard decisions and sacrifices to get there. One thing I learned through it all is to trust myself and my instincts; if I had done this years ago, my life would be very very very very different than it is today. But, while it's hard not to say "what if" this and "if only" that, I try not to because what's past is past and we need to get over the past in order to move forward with the future.

Just the fact that you are thinking about all of this is an indication that you are moving forward, even though it might not always feel like you are (in terms of certain things happening--or not happening--in your life I'll not mention here). I wish I had better advice to give you than this, but here it is: stay strong and follow your heart and your instincts. Live for YOU, no one else, no matter how much you love them.

And, whenever you need to talk, call me. I'm here for you, chica!!