10 October 2007

i can't get that song out of my head: i can't get no satisfaction

because this is my story, too, and maybe even your story

in college, i was really involved with take back the night. take back the night is a night where women can walk around free from sexual assault and rape--because the night is when most women are assaulted or raped. this is something that is very important to me--and let me clarify that while women are often attacked and raped by strangers, most of the rapes that occur are by someone they know. nearly three-quarters of rapes are committed by someone who knows the victim.

my problem is i let people in too much. maybe this has happened to you too. i trust too much. but this isn't about me. this is about someone else.

someone i know had been raped--the details are hers, and i will not share that. in fact, i am only sharing this part because it hurts me so bad--so bad. this woman heard a song during the rape. it was horrible. it was a sexist song that has a good tune, the kind of song you sing along to in a bar. and i will never be able to hear that song without wanting to throw up. without feeling unsafe. without feeling in pain. without wanting to cry.

and so, whoever you are out there, i hate you. you have hurt a million women but your karma and your heart will hurt a million times more.

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