04 October 2009

dick collins firetrails 50 miler - preparation!

I'm so excited - I'm running another 50 miler. 100s are immense, monstrous, require insane amounts of training, and once you do them, 50s seem quick, like cake. I pick my 50 milers based on the beauty of the course, the fun, the volunteers. I hear they serve homemade cookies at the Dick Collins 50, and there's amazing views - so you better believe I'm psyched to run 50 miles there!

As I'm counting down the minutes, I'm resting, cutting back on alcohol, increasing sleep, and getting psyched for some good times on the trails!


Anonymous said...

I like 50s too. At the 50-mile mark at Rocky Raccoon, I was so happy. 50 is such a good distance. by 55, I was in such a pitiful state.. (:

What did you decide regarding stone cat? looks like it'll sell out soon.. should be fun..

cherie said...

I think I'm going to skip Stone Cat...I may have a friend coming to town, and I may just rest the remainder of November.