26 October 2009

Do not what you want, and then you may do what you like

"Do not what you want, and then you may do what you like."

This quote has truly inspired me for several years now. It means so much things to me, but primarily, it teaches me patience.

A few years back, I decided to quit my job and travel. My job was making me miserable, and after an email to my friend Jessica, she wrote me, "Do not what you want, and then you may do what you like." I sat with this quote for a while, and pondered what it meant. It taught me that ultimately I'd be able to do what I liked, what my ultimate goal was, if I sat and was patient and not running off to follow my impulses every other second.

Right now, I have ideas every other second...sell my eggs, quit my job, and move to India...move to California and spend all my time running...keep doing what I'm doing...save up for a RTW...move down to Costa Rica and live on a small farm eating avocados, mangoes, doing yoga, and writing...visit my grandma...visit my best friends...stay at home...knit a scarf for you...bake some more cookies...run 100 miles this weekend...run nothing this weekend...cross-train...ice...do yoga...do stomach crunches...start sending out my work...stay internal...fall in love...pull back...cry...don't cry.

This is a HUGE period of change for me right now. There's a lot of pain but I am trying to look at the possibility of absolutely anything happening. As a slogan for the Boston Marathon was two years ago, "Impossible is nothing." I am trying to embrace that, but with patience. I am living life with my entire heart, but letting my head make the major decisions as well.


Anonymous said...


I live in California (right near Malibu actually), I love to run and I have thought most of the things you've wrote about here so I can tell you that moving somewhere is not an answer. I was born and raised in Russia and then I lived in Japan, before moving to US permanently. Moving does invigorate you but only for a short period of time, before the new place becomes familiar and old. "Wherever you go, there you'll be" someone said. But I hope you find that peace you're looking for one day... Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Some times there is an unknown vaccum...it's so deep that it is disturbing..That is exactly when you need to connect with someone on a higher spiritual plane than you. Things will change for the better!