14 July 2010


Because running isn't the only thing I do. Sometimes I go to parties. Parties where we take the ferry to Governor's Island dressed in a monochromatic theme, or as a rainbow. Parties where we dance on the island, and then journey around in parade format in a tunnel, a ferry, and take the 1 train up to Christopher Street. Parties where we take over the street, giving hugs and cupcakes and candy. Parties where we hoop and dance and drum on the pier on the Hudson. Parties where we take the train up to 72nd St and dance to a sound system on the back of a bike in front of the Museum of Natural History. Parties where we take the 1 train to 125th, then the A all the way up to 190th St, and then to Fort Tryon Park. Parties where there is hooping with fire and fire spinning and fire poi and views of the GWB and strangers exchanging hugs, sips of delicious liquor, grapes, kisses, drums...Because getting at the essence of humanity is at my very core as much as running is.

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