25 November 2010


In honour of National Novel Writing Month, I wrote a book. I don't think it's pure crap, and it's actually the best thing I've written in a while. There's tons of polishing to be done, characters to be developed, but I'm pretty much finished with a first rough draft. I'm so pleased! V, you know you'll be getting a copy of it to help me w/ the editing process. Hopefully we can get this one going in the right direction...

This has been a great experiment. I'm so thankful (Hey, it's Thanksgiving, and I'm supposed to be thinking about these sorts of things!) to have been encouraged by my amazing writer friends, including my Naropian friends, and B. This has been such a productive month. I have re-learned my love for writing, which I forgot. The past month I've neglected many things, including phone calls to my mother, sleep, runs, extra hours at work I should have been putting in...to write. It feels good. It reminds me of when I was working on "Unfamous" at Naropa when I called in sick to work because I was on such a roll and couldn't stop writing.

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