11 November 2010

What Life Is About On 11-11-2010

 Because this is what life is all about. It's about falling in love with reckless abandon. It's about looking to the sun for ideas, and the moon too. It's about dancing all night at a loud party, and running 50 kilometers the next day on beautiful trails. It's about drinking too much caffeine, having lots of sex, and kissing until your lips hurt. It's about expressing who you are however you can. It's about exploring the world because New York City with its eight million people just isn't enough for me. It's about throwing it all away for something different. It's about going back to the familiar. It's about writing in cafes and reading amazing writing of your good friends. It's about making clothes that might fall apart, but they look fabulous. It's about drag queens in your past and kittens in your future and make it all work. It's about giving things up for an ideal. It's about the thought of living in the middle of nowhere, somewhere pretty, maybe on a farm, maybe on a beach in Costa Rica, maybe in Pennsylvania, and just being, writing, running, surfing, loving. It's about finding what you want and going after it. It's not about making sense, it's about feeling the real feeling.

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